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The best residency visa options in México

Today, all over the world, there are a large number of expats whose origins extend to all corners of the world. One of the places with more tourism due to its richness and natural, cultural and gastronomic diversity, combined with its favorable climate and territorial location is Mexico. A notable example of why foreigners are attracted to spend their vacations in our country are the paradisiacal beaches of the Mexican Caribbean, with white sand and turquoise blue waters. Another reason why the number of foreigners in Mexico has increased is its suitability as a retirement destination. Specifically, San Miguel de Allende, which for the second year in a row, Travel + Leisure readers chose as their favorite city in the world, as part of the annual World's Best awards.

To obtain a Residency in Mexico, you must have a valid passport issued by your country, as this will serve as your official identification abroad. If you do not have it or it has expired, we recommend that you apply for it or renew it as soon as possible at the corresponding office. The following is a description of the Residences and Visas that exist in Mexico:


The FMM has a term of 180 days, which may vary depending on the dates (Christmas) since the days may be reduced due to vacations. The regularization process consists of having your FMM expired in order to be issued a new one with a validity of 180 more days.


The exchange process is when a foreigner intends to reside within Mexican territory in a legal manner, for which he/she must go to the nearest Mexican consulate and comply with the required requirements, in order to obtain temporary or permanent residency, as the case may be.

Temporary residency

Temporary residency can be granted to foreigners as long as there is a campaign by the immigration authorities so that they can regularize their immigration status and obtain their temporary residency according to what the campaign can offer them for up to 4 years, and after those 4 years of campaign they will change their status to permanent.


The renewal process must be done 1 month before the temporary residency of 1 year or more is about to expire (it is not necessary to submit bank statements). For foreigners who have 1 year of residence, they can renew up to 3 years. Once they have completed 4 years of temporary residency, they will proceed to the permanent residency process.


Replacement occurs when the immigration document is lost, stolen or destroyed. You can replace your immigration document as long as it is still valid.

Permanent residence

To become a permanent resident, the applicant must previously have a temporary residency of 1 year. To apply for this residency, it is necessary to review the applicant's bank statements (last 6 months) and verify if he/she has the economic solvency of $2'500,500.00 pesos in case he/she is a pensioner. On the other hand, if the foreigner is retired, he/she must have a final balance of $50,000.00 pesos. The last option to become a permanent resident, would be that the foreigner has completed his 4 years of temporary residence.

Change to temporary resident due to family relationship

If a foreigner is a tourist, but is related to a Mexican, he/she may obtain permanent residency. To do so, he/she must apply for temporary residency for 1 year and renew it for another year consecutively, once he/she has been a temporary resident for 2 years, he/she may apply for permanent residency.

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